Logistics and I.T., the Winning Ticket for Corporate Productivity

Market leaders understand how to deliver "the right product, at the right price, at the right time and at the right place". But how to apply this in today's business environment of market globalization and having to satisfy evermore demanding customers who know well how to play the competition...?

Some sectors, such as consumer goods, are more attentive to customer demands, measuring and watching needs and behavior; all of this providing additional information which has to be integrated into the supply chain to meet the real business objective: "Produce what is bought and not simply sell what is produced."

Logistics and the supply chain are therefore at the core of corporate success. Perpetually linked to I.T., logistics is currently focused on business practices like Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). These terms however do not make it easy to single out or to pinpoint specific features. If the choices seem complex, their real application is all the more so. Behind this "technology" lies the major business challenge: mastering the logistics chain and, more importantly, its responsiveness.

O.I. Synform and G.O.L.D.®

To meet this challenge and respond to the diversity of the inherent problems, O.I. SYNFORM has developed the G.O.L.D.® software package. G.O.L.D.® is a complete solution for supply chain logistics: a multinational software suite, which is modular, functionally rich, flexible and capable of being implemented rapidly. G.O.L.D.® can be deployed either as a complete supply chain solution or as a modular solution within an existing system.

G.O.L.D.® is provided with a full range of business services - planning, implementation, operations, training and support - which cover all logistics functions, physical and commercial, guaranteeing an optimal service to our customers in the retail, industry and logistics service sectors.

O.I. Synform is a recognized leader in the logistics arena with years of experience in the construction and deployment of logistics solutions. This expertise, combined with the G.O.L.D.® software package, is our guarantee that we understand our customers' business and can fully respond to their needs.

Aster and O.I. Synform

Back in 1996 Aster had a number of demanding customers for retail, wholesale, logistics and distribution solutions; Aster also had a set of internally developed products supporting some of these functions. Market position and customers' requirements were just strong enough for Aster to realize its own development and support potential was not enough to fill the business needs of the broad range of these demanding customers.

At that time Aster was in search for a strong partner with a broad range of solutions in this application area but still open for developments in areas Aster's expertise. Aster found an excellent partner in O.I. Synform. After the first successful implementation projects the partnership grew into a true development cooperation. Today Aster provides a substantial amount of development work to the G.O.L.D.® suite of products. This includes development and maintenance work on the standard version of G.O.L.D.®.

In recent years Aster has also designed, development and implemented a set of new modules in G.O.L.D.® suite of products, these include G.O.L.D.® Wholesale, G.O.L.D.® V-Stock and G.O.L.D.® Financials. These modules are fully integrated with other members of the family and are supported both by Aster and O.I. Synform and its worldwide partners.

Today Aster is capable of full-scale project management for any of the G.O.L.D.® projects. Aster has a number of qualified G.O.L.D.® experts all of them completely mastering G.O.L.D.® Methodology. Aster also contributes to the G.O.L.D.® Methodology, Services and College in its area of expertise.

The partnership of Aster and O.I. Synform has enabled both partners to remain focused in primary area of expertise but still be able to offer much better and broader set of solutions to their customers with short implementation times.

On O.I. Synform

Created in 1986, O.I. Synform is a Groupe FOCAL Company. Today O.I. Synform employs more than 200 people at three locations. Partners using G.O.L.D.® Methodology in 6 geographic areas support local markets. O.I. Synform has more than 200 customers at more than 2000 locations worldwide.

O.I. Synform has a market image of an expert company with excellent products and solutions for enterprise logistics. The company is organized into two major departments, one of them doing standard product development and support, the other doing implementations, custom development, training, support and project management for specific customer projects.

Strategy for the future is to evolve the G.O.L.D.® software package with the development of new modules, the incorporation of new technologies as well responding to new market demands. Furthermore, O.I. Synform will continue to develop partnerships and alliances to enhance logistics solutions for retailers, industrial groups and logistics services providers in their incessant search for supply chain optimization.

The objective of O.I. Synform is quite simple: to help boost customer productivity in managing supply chain logistics.

For more information please contact ois.info@aster.si.